Yessssss! Finally it's here. Such a needed thing to incentivise larger relays to run, but also to show how lightning is the perfect fit as the payment layer.

A couple thoughts as I read this.

1. What are your thoughts on using LSAT since it's tied into the 402 http status code? Then you can pass those credentials around to other people while the relay keeps track of the remaining credits. I can then share it with my family or resell on a secondary (nostr based) market.

2. With a bunch of these web clients coming out for Nostr would you reconsider webln as a way for them to interact with ZBDs extension like you had before?

Awesome article even more awesome developments. Looking forward to the next!

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I've got my NOSTREAM relay up and running and would like to enable pay-per-relay. While this post gives a general sense of how to set it up. I can't seem to find a detailed set of instructions especially the zebedee side of things. Registered for an API key but that seems stuck waiting on approval.

Can you provide a links to specific docs? Thanks for all the hard work on this. Anxious to try it out.

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Mar 4·edited Mar 4

Thank you for this article! I ended up getting my private relay setup at https://relay.bigred.social .

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