Are there plans for a recurring payment plan / method?

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Thanks a lot ! My nostr relay : https://relay.reeve.cn/invoices is working now 😄

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How is it possible to define blacklisted pubkeys? Just asking because banning spammers in the future may be necessary....

Recurring payment plan would also be nice.

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My new nostr.21sats.net relay is running. 👌🏼

I had some issues with the redirect part. I don’t know why, but with the x-forwarded-for part does the landing page not work. I commented it out 🤷🏼‍♂️

server {

server_name subdomain.domain.com;

location / {

## proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $proxy_add_x_forwarded_for;

proxy_set_header Host $host;


proxy_http_version 1.1;

proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;

proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";



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Was interested in using this guide to run a node until ZEBEDEE wanted ID. Waiting for an alternative.

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Has anybody already tried the upgrade guide (as there is a new nostr-version)?

I have problems executing this command: docker network rm nostr-ts-relay

--> Error response from daemon: network nostr-ts-relay not found

I am executing this command as su - nostream in the folder nostream. But can't find it also anywhere else.

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Is there another way to setup payments without zbd? I dont want to share my identity.

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Guys don't forget to whitelist the IP address of zebedee in the remoteIpHeader field of the nostream settings if you are running kubernetes with an ingress.

Basically the IP address of Zebedee will be taken from the header in the field "network.remoteIpHeader", which is "x-forwarded-for" by default.

In "paymentsProcessors.zebedee.ipWhitelist" you should have the IP addresses of zebedee.

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ho, and a typo :


# You may need to add a `env_file` property to docker-compose.yml


- local.env"

env_file you meant ?

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Hi, thanks for the tuto, it's perfect, my new nostr.gromeul.eu is up and running...

Just one thing :

when I first start the relay after "su - nostream" I had to do a "cd nostream" before


as we are in nostream ~home and git clone create a /home/nostream/nostream dir.

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