How Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Lightning Address are revolutionizing finance in previously unimaginable ways
Releases for LND v0.12 Beta & C-Lightning v0.9.3, LNsync for mobile Lightning nodes, and MintGox #011 with Bitcoin-Infused CS:GO tournament.
Bitcoin-infused Counter Strike, trampoline routing nodes, revamped LND documentation, and new techniques for anti-UTXO probing on LN dual-funded…
ZEBEDEE's LN-gaming integration, new Lightning channel backup strategies, v0.12 LND release candidate, multi-node Eclair support, and the Kraken has…
UTXO stake certificates, Lightning Network time machines, and just too much gossip
Looping automation, new C-Lightning v0.9.2 release and a proposal for Bitcoin vaults
Lightning Network static QR codes for livestreaming, new incoming-channel configurations on LND, and in-depth backup strategies for C-Lightning
Swimming pools, blockchain watchdogs, and new LN ecosystem research.