How app store monopolies are leading to fragmented user experiences and how the rise of money-enabled protocols open the door to novel Web business…

December 2022

@andreneves and @fiatjaf discuss all-things-Nostr and what's happened over the past month since the public support and funding from Jack Dorsey
Nostr is a new decentralized social network protocol. This guide is the easiest way to get started running your own Nostr Relay and participating in the…

May 2022

How Bitcoin, Lightning Network, and Lightning Address are revolutionizing finance in previously unimaginable ways

January 2021

Releases for LND v0.12 Beta & C-Lightning v0.9.3, LNsync for mobile Lightning nodes, and MintGox #011 with Bitcoin-Infused CS:GO tournament.
Bitcoin-infused Counter Strike, trampoline routing nodes, revamped LND documentation, and new techniques for anti-UTXO probing on LN dual-funded…

December 2020

ZEBEDEE's LN-gaming integration, new Lightning channel backup strategies, v0.12 LND release candidate, multi-node Eclair support, and the Kraken has…
UTXO stake certificates, Lightning Network time machines, and just too much gossip
Looping automation, new C-Lightning v0.9.2 release and a proposal for Bitcoin vaults

November 2020

Lightning Network static QR codes for livestreaming, new incoming-channel configurations on LND, and in-depth backup strategies for C-Lightning
Swimming pools, blockchain watchdogs, and new LN ecosystem research.